Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday Setback, Wednesday Restart

Tuesday got off to a good enough start... but poor planning cost me.  5:00PM rolled around and I'd had no caffeine...

This is where caffeine, my wonderful Jekyl and Hyde friend turned into Mr. Hyde.  It'd been certainly 24 hours since my last caffeine intake, and while I'm making dietary improvements in my life, I have no designs on getting rid of caffeine.  This is because I once tried to do so, and the result three days later was the worst headache I've ever suffered.  (That has since been eclipsed by some migraines I had about two months ago.)  I said "eff that, not worth it" and have been sipping the fully leaded stuff ever since.

Back to yesterday though.  So it's 5:00 and I can feel the headache starting to come on, and on top of that I was hungry and thirsty as well.  I have an hour commute to work one way, so it would be at least that long before food would be getting in my belly.  I was stuck.  I could have went to the coffee shop to solve the caffeine problem, but as a rule warm drinks do nothing to satisfy my thirst.  So to the vending machine I went.

In hind sight, I could have made a better selection from the vending machine, but nothing in there was paleo, so I don't feel too bad about the extra crispy Kit Kat that I bought.  I washed that down with a 20 oz. Coke.

Once home, I started last night's recipe, "Cheezburger in a Bowl".  It was fairly simple, and we were eating in 30 minutes.  Again though, I faltered and had a Pepsi Throwback even though I'd already had a Coke.  Overall it wasn't a *terrible* day of eating... but it certainly wasn't great.

Weight Challenge!

So the official weigh in was last night around 7:00.  We weighed in our boxers, and agreed that the most percentage of weight lost between yesterday and May 31st would be the winner.  Below are the official weigh in statistics.  The names have been omitted to protect the fatties :-)

Me: 239.6
Opponent: 222.6

We'll see how it goes!  I was a little surprised that from yesterday morning to then that I'd picked up FOUR pounds.  And then my weight this morning was again back to normal.  Amazing how weight fluctuates throughout the day.

Wednesday Restart

So I hopped on the horse this morning back to paleo and fell off a bit.  I grabbed a bacon egg and cheese croissant that I fully intended to ditch the croissant from.  Unfortunately when you're driving 65 down the highway, it's rough to only eat the egg and bacon from said sandwich, so it was eaten.  Lunch and dinner should be fine though.  If that's my only misstep for today, I'll be happy.

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