Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quickie Update

Condensing my status into a few sentences since I don't have anything "big" to write about at the moment.  Over the weekend, I ate like crap.  No excuses.  Had taco bell and didn't bother to paleo it, and there was another meal too that I didn't even bother with paleo on.  That cost me my breakthrough below 230.  However, as of this morning, I'm back to 229, and I'm feeling pretty good today too.  KFC was lunch today, and I got their grilled 3pc Breast and Thigh meal with double green beans.  Tonight will see me make some pork chops in chimichurri sauce along with some roasted curried cauliflower.  I originally wanted to do a different chop recipe, but forgot that it requires marination overnight.  BUT IT'S WORTH IT!!!  OH SO GOOD!

I digress :-)

Thursday will have us hit a sausage and peppers recipe that I love, and Friday I'm going for Mexican pulled chicken stuffed peppers.  Looking forward to Friday... that's a new one for us.  I'll post the recipes as I make them, or you can see my Evernote notebook that has all the recipes I have found so far.

Until next time!