Friday, October 28, 2011

Fitbit is Pretty Cool - Now Have 3 Members in my Paleo Group!

So a few weeks back, I grabbed myself a Fitbit.  It's a pretty nifty little gadget.  One of the cool features on their website is the ability to create groups of like minded individuals and track your performance against theirs.  After searching the forums, couldn't find a specific Paleo group, so I created one.  After a couple weeks, we have 3 members now (including me) and I'm bringing up the rear!  Hope to get more people in the group.  If you've got a Fitbit and you're a Caveman or Cavewoman, come join us!

Chicken + Caveman =


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodbye 38's, Hello 36's!

So recently, my wife and I had to take a trip to Old Navy.  Yes, my size 38 jeans were no longer fitting me, and we had to upgrade to a 36!  Couple that with a sweet deal on jeans they were having, and I was the proud new owner of three pairs of size 36 jeans.  WOOT!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Loadin' up the horse and getting back on

I've been sort of maintaining my efforts as of late, and remembered that, hey, I have $50 on the line to have a six-pack by the end of the year.  So to motivate myself, because they're cool, and I'm a giant stat tracking geek, I bought myself a Fitbit.  It's pretty much a pedometer on steroids, and also tracks your sleep as well.  The website that you sync it to also has a log of many other things, including your food.  So I decided to start logging my food again.  When I saw what a 32oz Pepsi did to my efforts that day, a switch flipped in my head to get back to serious with this paleo endeavor of mine.  Sure I've been eating more paleo than not, but I've been cheating a whole lot more than I should too if I want to see any effects at all.  So Wednesday I said to myself, "Self, we're doing this thing 100% and not screwing around anymore."  And for better than three straight days I was 100% paleo.  It was my parents and a Pizza Oven pizza that brought the streak to a halt.  But no matter.  I discovered a couple things.  First was that I wasn't adhering to paleo nearly as well as I'd thought.  The second day saw me with a bit of an energy drain going on, but I pushed through and that was the only day I could say that for.  On the scale side of things, I dropped 5 pounds, and as of this morning slid in at a cool 219.2 at 22.7% body fat.  I need to head out and buy water as I exhausted the last of our supply playing some Dance Central a bit ago.  I'm rolling well today with the exception of a can of Pepsi I used to dose myself with some caffeine. It's a cruel master :-/  If the can of Pepsi is the worst I do today, I'll be happy, and I can get back on the 100% horse again on Monday.  It's certainly way better than I've been doing recently.