Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here's me!


Well, at least it was me last week when I took my kickoff picture.  I plan to do one of these each month to visually see how things are going in addition to statistically seeing the same.  Right now, I'm still only down 4 pounds since beginning, but my fat percentage has been slowly declining.  It's now down to 24.2% as of this morning.  Obviously, I've got some work to do to hit my goal of a six-pack by December 31st, 2011.  The six-pack is my "visible" goal, my statistical goal is to get to 10% or lower body fat.  I realize that the six-pack will be more difficult to achieve, which is why I've set both goals.  My only exercise at this point is my daily activities, which will soon include playing Softball once a week, and potentially umpiring at least once a week as well, and following the program at hundredpushups.com.  I tried to begin this last week, but it just didn't work out well, and was only able to do it one day.  So I started over yesterday, and already saw an improvement in my ability to do a maximum amount of pushups.  I started at eight (yes, pathetic I know) and am up to ten after having only done a single workout.  Even if I'm not losing weight, if I'm losing fat and maintaining because of muscle gain (muscle weighs more than fat) I can live with that.  As of this morning, I'm still at 235.2 pounds, but I'm down 1% fat since beginning my bloggings.  I'll take that for two weeks worth of work!

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