Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Pics! Plus, Let's Play Some Good News/Bad News

As promised, here are today's pics!  In addition to what I think is a visible improvement, the scale gave me some good news this morning as well!  I cracked the 230 barrier!  YEAH!  228.2 this morning.  Down 9 pounds now since starting this blog at 237, and 11 since getting back to paleo in general shortly before creating the blog.  Add to that I think I'm definitely beginning to look much better too!

That was the good news.  The bad news is that I went to lunch with some co-workers today.  The choice was a place I'd never been to before, and it turns out it was simply a bar.  Which meant bar food.  I had a sub.  Dammit I'm weak.  So hard being the freak of the group.  Hopefully this doesn't hurt my progress on the scale.  On the upside, at least I kept away from ordering a nice HFCS loaded soda.  I'll get back to it again tonight with dinner.  Whipping up some Japanese style hamburgers.  I'll report back on how that works out!

PS - I know the post looks like crap, but Blogger was giving me a heck of a time with the post and I'd had enough and just wanted to get it out there :-)

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