Friday, April 1, 2011

Starting it up!

So who am I?

Well, you can call me DaringOne.  I'm starting blog to journal my paleo adventures for historical perspective without "pestering" all my Facebook friends that mostly could care less or worse, don't want to hear what I'm saying when it could change their life.

What's my history?

I'm a 31 year old married father of one.  My wonderful wife seems curious about paleo, but is also in school to become an RN.  Since probably 98% of the medical establishment frowns on paleo, this leaves her attitude toward my endeavor ranging from curious to being overtly concerned for my health.  I point out to her that I've yet to see a sickly person on the paleo diet, and so many stories of people with chronic issues that doctors are unable to solve that seem to "magically" solve themselves after adopting a paleo diet.

I've used the paleo diet before, and my wife ate the meals that I cooked that were paleo friendly with the exception of my paleo meatloaf.  I was dropping weight (about 20 pounds in 3 months or so) and feeling great!  But that "father of one" part screeched that to a halt.  As my wife was unwilling to use a diet she didn't fully believe in while pregnant or breast feeding, and I was unwilling to cook two meals per night, I was back to crap eating.

So where am I now?

Currently, here are my vitals:

Age - 31
Height - 6'4"
Weight - 237 lbs
Body Fat % ~ 28%

These stats are gleaned from my Tanita body fat scale.  Yes, I know the only true way to gauge body fat % is in a tank, but this is the only economical and convenient method I have.  I measure when I wake up in the morning, standing in my boxers only.  This eliminates variations in clothing from affecting my measurements.

Shortly, I hope to get a physical with some bloodwork done so I have a baseline.  We'll see where those numbers go.  Last I was tested about 6 months ago non-fasting, my numbers for everything were on the teetering edge between normal and elevated.  I aim to get a fasting measurement to provide a true baseline.

I'm a complete newb as far as my paleo knowledge is concerned.  I know the basic tenants of "if you can shoot it, catch it, or pick it and eat it raw, it's on the menu" and "GRAINS ARE BAD!" but don't know much of the underlying science and get tricked into eating things I think are paleo but really aren't after talking to some more experienced cavemen.  I have Loren Cordain's book, but haven't yet completed it (tough to complete a book when you're rarely at home) and want to pick up both Robb Wolf's and Mark Sisson's as well.  I'll be getting those on my IOS device.  This will increase probability of getting read, as when I'm home I have many other things I'd rather (or must) do than read.  I've been plowing through Robb's podcasts from the beginning starting 3/29/11, and they're really interesting, really technical, and I know I'm only catching probably a tenth of the information doled out.

I'm hoping to be posting my daily thoughts and food consumption as well as sleep patterns to see how well I'm doing.  Glad you're coming along for the ride!

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