Sunday, October 9, 2011

Loadin' up the horse and getting back on

I've been sort of maintaining my efforts as of late, and remembered that, hey, I have $50 on the line to have a six-pack by the end of the year.  So to motivate myself, because they're cool, and I'm a giant stat tracking geek, I bought myself a Fitbit.  It's pretty much a pedometer on steroids, and also tracks your sleep as well.  The website that you sync it to also has a log of many other things, including your food.  So I decided to start logging my food again.  When I saw what a 32oz Pepsi did to my efforts that day, a switch flipped in my head to get back to serious with this paleo endeavor of mine.  Sure I've been eating more paleo than not, but I've been cheating a whole lot more than I should too if I want to see any effects at all.  So Wednesday I said to myself, "Self, we're doing this thing 100% and not screwing around anymore."  And for better than three straight days I was 100% paleo.  It was my parents and a Pizza Oven pizza that brought the streak to a halt.  But no matter.  I discovered a couple things.  First was that I wasn't adhering to paleo nearly as well as I'd thought.  The second day saw me with a bit of an energy drain going on, but I pushed through and that was the only day I could say that for.  On the scale side of things, I dropped 5 pounds, and as of this morning slid in at a cool 219.2 at 22.7% body fat.  I need to head out and buy water as I exhausted the last of our supply playing some Dance Central a bit ago.  I'm rolling well today with the exception of a can of Pepsi I used to dose myself with some caffeine. It's a cruel master :-/  If the can of Pepsi is the worst I do today, I'll be happy, and I can get back on the 100% horse again on Monday.  It's certainly way better than I've been doing recently.

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